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Apsauginiai akiniai Bolle Combat keičiamais stiklais

  • Apsauginiai akiniai Bolle Combat keičiamais stiklais

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    Apsauginiai akiniai Bolle Combat keičiamais stiklais

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  • Apsauginiai akiniai Bolle Combat keičiamais stiklais

    Weight: 29 g
    Glass: Clear (PSI), ESP, Smoke (PSF)
    Durability: BT, STANAG 2920:
    - Clear - V50: 824.4 km/h Ś 229 m/s
    - ESP - V50: 856.8 km/h Ś 238 m/s
    - Smoke - V50: 849.68 km/h Ś 236 m/s

    Frame durability: FT
    Optical Class: 1
    - Clear - EN170 2C-1.2
    - ESP - EN172 5-3.1
    - Smoke - EN172 5-3.1

    Designed for maximum protection, safety COMBAT glasses from Bolle's Tactical line. Polycarbonate ballistic visor Curve 9 has thickness of 2.5mm and ballistic resistance in accordance to STANAG 2920 standard.

    The kit includes a set of three lenses: clear (PSI), smoke (PSF) and ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). In ESP version an innovative coating reduces flare and harmful effects of blue light (Filters: 57% Blue light, transmit 64% visible light, 100% UVA/UVB). Smoke version has a tinted glass to protect against even very strong sun.

    All lenses have the anti fog coating inside, to protect against evaporation. Outside there is the anti scratch coating, which prevents against minor damages and scratches.

    Frame is made of lightweight and highly durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate. Non-slip, made of TPR rubber TIPGRIP inserts at nose and temples.

    - Lenses: Clear (PSI), ESP, Smoke (PSF)
    - Frame with TPR inserts
    - Non-slip nose
    - Nylon pouch with two-way zipper and two Velcro closed mounting straps
    - Two microfibre bags for storing unused lenses
    - Elastic strap for securing glasses against slipping and getting lost (width: 15mm, length: 280-570mm).