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Dėtuvė Magpul Glock 26 9x19 12 šovinių

  • Dėtuvė Magpul Glock 26 9x19 12 šovinių

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    Dėtuvė Magpul Glock 26 9x19 12 šovinių

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    9 mm Luger 9x19
  • Dėtuvė Magpul Glock 26 9x19 12 šovinių

    Ultralight polymer magazine for Glock 26 with 12 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum, matching the dimensions of this sub-compact gun.

    Well thought-out design including the profiling of the bottom pad and the optimum thickness allows for an extremely fast change of the magazine. The dimensions make the magazine fit perfectly, which improves reliability while allowing for trouble-free removal only with the retarder.

    Use of a stainless spring, a pusher with limited tilt and an easily removable foot translates into above-average product reliability and longevity.

    Convenience of use is improved by a magazine indicator placed on both sides to determine whether the magazine is full and a panel on the foot for easy marker marking.

    Thanks to its typical Glock dimensions, the PMAG 12 GL9 is compatible with standard 9x19 mm pistol magazine holsters.

    - Extremely low weight combined with rigidity and strength
    - Reinforced polymer construction
    - Tilting protected follower
    - Long-lasting stainless spring
    - Removable magazine foot with panel for easy marking

    Technical data:
    - weight: 42 g
    - length: 95 mm
    - color: black
    - capacity: 12 rounds